Author: Sumaiya Begum

Tips to Avoid Labour and Visa Fraud in UAE
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Valuable Tips to Avoid Labour and Visa Fraud in UAE

Dreams!!! Everybody having some dream about their jobs, prosperity, health, etc. There is no doubt that many of them are longing for a good work destination and one of the good work destination is UAE. By using this as an advantage many job scams are there in online. For those who wants to start their […]

UAE Visa Overstay Fine
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Steps to Calculate UAE Overstay Fine Online

Calculate Overstay Fine in UAE If you stay in UAE even after your visa gets expired then the UAE government will levy you overstay fine for each and every day of overstaying in their country. From this article, you gonna learn how much will it cost for your overstay, how to calculate overstay fine and […]


Revamping the Islamic Law in UAE

There are certain things that are consider as illegal in UAE but legal in other countries and some of them are, Importing pork products and pornography are consider as illegal, Zero tolerance for drug(even death penalty may occur or minimum 4years jail penalty), The products that contain CBD(cannabidiol) oil is illegal, Drinking Alcohol is illegal […]